Beyond the Jam: FinTech’s burgeoning potential

How can charities jumpstart their fundraising drives? What can NGOs do to mobilise communities? How can a lone community organizer distribute donations to relevant providers?

Financial technology (FinTech) has the answer to all of these questions and more.  Thanks to the ubiquity of telecoms and smartphones, there are multiple platforms and systems currently available that can address the most pressing issues facing communities and to help change financial services for the better.  Especially when it comes to greater financial inclusion – a problem faced in both the developing and developed world.

28 percent of the US population –nearly 90 million people, are unbanked . The UK has two million citizens living without access to bank accounts, despite being home to the world’s biggest financial services hub. Around the world over two billion are unbanked.

That’s why we’re happy to have FinTech Jam for Good during 8th – 10th April in the lead up to the Innovate Finance Global Summit. It aims to showcase how developers, designers or business strategists can harness their tools for FinTech to help the world’s biggest organisations transform their funding models and mobilise citizens.

With challenges from the likes of Unicef UK, the world’s leading organisation for promoting the rights and wellbeing of children, the weekend long event will find solutions and showcase how FinTech can be used for good.

We are delighted to be hosting the event and are excited to see the ideas and innovations that will come to the forefront on the day.