Apply Now

Applications open on 8th February and will close on 31st March.

  • Apply either as an individual or a team (each team member has to apply separately) through the form below.
  • Join the discussion in a closed LinkedIn group through an invite you will receive after you apply. We encourage you to write a short introduction, review other applicants’ profiles and start a conversation with the people you´d like to form a team with.
  • Choose a challenge once they are announced and request a particular challenge to work with as a team (2-4 people). You can do so via the LinkedIn group by sending a private message to the event organisers.

Individual and team applications will close on 31st March. After this, Innovate Finance and the Jam partners will screen all applications and announce the final selection before the weekend of the Jam.

Remember you do not need to apply as a team to be considered as a participant. There will be a match-making activity at the start of the Jam to match individuals with open team spots or create additional teams.



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