What is a FinTech Jam?

FinTech is a growing technology space that has the potential to revolutionise the financial services sector. The Jam aims to gather specialists together to solve real issues people face all over the world such as access to finance or making everyday purchase payments.


Who are the team behind the Jam?

FinTech Jam for Good was launched by Innovate Finance, the membership association that represents the global FinTech sector and is supported by Unicef UK, Claro Partners, The Booster Labs and other organisations.


I understand you want 10 teams. Do I have to sign up as a team to take part?

Not at all! The creators behind the Jam will ‘match make’ to ensure the teams of six are formed with individuals that bring a variety of different skill sets.


Where are all the prizes?

The prizes for the Jam will be revealed in a week by week basis, so keep a look out for what is to come!


How can I contact the organiser?

You can reach out to the team by contacting us at info@fintechjam.com